Terre Forte is a world filled with undiscovered lands and savage seas. The name of the world, meaning Fortress World, came from a crew of Githyanki who crashed their Spelljammer on the surface of the planet. They soon discovered that the world sucked the magic out of such craft, and closed portals as quickly as they opened. It was from these events the name was born.

The campaign takes place on the main continent, Freigebig das Land, where our heroes find themselves working with the Eladrin who are in the midst of a war. Both the Eladrin and Tiefling inhabit a small continent which was once home to the gnomes. Once the two races discovered the other they immediately broke out into a war named the Blood War. This war has led to the near destruction of the gnomes that stubornly remain on the continent.

From here the heroes will learn of great betrayl, experience love, witness heroic deeds, and ultimately grow in strength as they press forward into other parts of the world.

Terre Forte