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Adventure Background

Part 1

A lone Gnome has wandered across Gnoglin and traveled far to the shores of Freigebig das Land. In his quest the Gnome has sought for the power to exact his revenge against those that slaughtered his people and destroyed his nation. It was this search for power that enticed Hade, the God of Tyranny. The malevolent god sent servants to the Gnome and offered the Gnome the power to bring the dead to life. Without hesitation the Gnome agreed and joined the ranks of a cult that worshipped Hade. With the power that he was granted the Gnome returned to Gnoglin where he would begin to raise those that were buried in the graveyards of former Gnome cities. The undead servants would be sent into the streets of these dead cities to attack the soldiers of the Eladrin and Tiefling armies that would march through.

It is because of this the PC’s are employed to investigate and remove the problem that plagues the abandoned streets of the city of Servo. During their investigation the Gnome sends his undead minions after the PC’s and flees from their pursuit. It is discovered that the Gnome has retreated to the former capital city, Talik, where the Gnome plans to unite with those that live among the ruins of the city and raise more soldiers of the dead so as to evict the Tiefling and Eladrin armies.

Part 2

Having eliminated the gnomish necromancer and nearly destroying the entire gnomish race, the players venture into the world to obtain answers to new questions. Cultrius elves conspire against their king and plan to rekindle their own war. A lich king and his Dracolich companion work with evil pirates to conquer the dwarven nation. In the middle the Ovarian Orcs begin to move to react to the chaos generated as Orikan looks to make good on the promise he made at the end of the Thousand Years War. With all of this happening the players must contend with Githyanki and Githzerai Planar Bounty Hunters sent to bring Sidd Halcyon back to Krynn dead or alive.

However, rumors of an artifact of great power held by the giants may be the key to stopping these threats. To retrieve the artifact the players must walk into the heart of the beast as it is rumored to be inside the boarders of Yitherai, the nation of the Gith. These events will take the players to level 10 once completed.

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